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tv   [untitled]    May 23, 2012 6:30am-7:00am PDT

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residence. we are going to get started in a moment. i would like to acknowledge a few people. while we are waiting, the mayor is coming in just a minute. there are a number of people that we did like you to know who they are. for one thing, reverend brown in the front. can we get a round of applause for the president of the commission? we have thjoyce armstrong. right now, i will ask for a round of applause for the housing authorities executive director. >> good morning, everyone. for those of you who do not know me, and henry. when i am running around in our
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communities, most folks -- i am so excited that you are here today. we have been working on this center for some time. today, we get to give it back to the residents in this community. thank you. absolutely. i think it is stellar. it is awfully exciting. we have a lot of dignitaries here this morning. i am going to get at of the way so we can get the program moving along. i want to introduce the best mayor i have ever worked for. >> good afternoon, everyone. welcome to rosa parks community center. it is my pleasure to join it with our police chief, housing authority commissioners, the great work they are doing with
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our director to help open up this revitalized community center. this center serves almost 300 come up probably more than 300, low income seniors. this center has been improved with a very welcomed hud grant. almost $2 million to revitalize the center to make sure it is modern, to make sure the accessibility issues were dealt with between the homes and the center and to make sure in this was the greenest center it could possibly be. a couple of hours ago, i joined at the summit for technology for our seniors and people with disabilities carried we announced their that all over
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the city, we would have some 53 centers that would be equipped with technology upgrades and the accessible technology adoption. this is one of those centers as well. we want our seniors to be connected to the rest of the world. you deserve to be. this is the quality of life we have in our city. everybody gets to be connected. the improvements that you have seen already are fantastic. not only are there accessibility issues they have taken care of, the senior center is going to have the modernization with restaurants, having enough space for other agencies -- with restrooms, having enough space for other agencies to work from, the facilities on the campus. in addition, solar panels on the
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roof that will keep the air conditioning well, to the rain water harvesting, all of that to join and some of the most modern buildings we have in the whole city. i want to thank everybody for being involved. i want to thank our housing authority commissioners for taking care of these properties, for filling a long time promise for joining with the department of aging and adult services along with their housing authority, along with our other partners. our director of hope is taking care of business with our children youth and families divisions, all working together to make sure the quality of life has improved for everyone. you know, i has been very lucky to be the mayor of this great city. i want you to know that everyone has an opportunity to share in
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the wealth. you're heading in a better direction. every time a turnaround, the state and feds are cutting something. i am going to work really hard with their agencies to insulate that hurt. our success is if you and also work together. -- and us work together. when the door opens, we have a lot more friends to work with. we have to depend upon ourselves. we will not lead each other go if we know that we are part of each other's family. that is why i want to be here and i want to be at every single one of our senior centers to welcome into the family of everything that we do. everybody in this city, whether they are living in bayview, the western addition, chinatown,
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outer mission, everyone gets an equal opportunity to be part of this great city. no one should ever feel isolated at all. we will constantly work hard to improve everything. whether it is safety, accessibility, connectivity. your future and our future. by the way, i am here to look at a unit for myself. i am getting old, too. we all live together. we all celebrate that. as your kids grow up in this city, i wanted to get the best jobs they can possibly get. i will work as hard for them as well. thank you for joining me in this ribbon cutting ceremony. [applause] >> ok. i want to take a moment. i am back again, it introduced the president of the resident
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counsel, the tenants association. jane, if you would have a few words. welcome back. >> dear friends, i am jane, the president of the rosa parks tenants association. we are all here today to witness all of the carrot of our city government -- all the care of our city government, the housing authority, in spite of financial problems, has found resources to make this place beautiful and cozy. i am sure that with the help of our director, our manager, our social work from, -- our social
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worker, the center will be the place where senior citizens will be able to relax, to find new friends, to take part in different activities, and enjoy their lives. i am sure that this center will change the quality of life of all of our residents. on behalf of rosa parks tenants and on behalf of the senior citizens of the western addition, i want to thank everybody who was involved in the reconstruction of this place. thank you very, very much. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. i want to take a second to have jazzmesmine to stand next to me. sometimes, we get all the credit. unfortunately, we do absolutely
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nothing. these are the folks who did the heavy lifting. i have already been inside and i can tell you that i think you were going to be pleased with what you are going to see. but this is the young lady who did all the work. i want to take a moment to say thank you to her. without her and without our community of residents, we would likely not be standing here. i do not know how to draw, i have not turned a ranch in 30 years, i would not even know what screwdriver to use. i just want to say thank you very much. we have a number of dignitaries with us today. rev. amos brown and our commissioner, and dorothy smith. the department of hope. he gets me moving.
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we also have our hud folks. it always takes a village to put one of these things together. there is also -- there are other partners we have. i'd really appreciate your help and your willingness to do this. -- i really appreciate your help and your willingness to do this. i would like our staff to raise their hands or stand up. i saw all the shop -- saw alicia and barbara smith. my friend back there who is trying to go unnoticed, my favorite custodian is back there. he keeps the place under wraps for us. it really takes a country of folks. what i am excited about, -- a cadre of folks.
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i really do not like to talk, but today, i am talking the law. these are the things that make me get up every day and go do work. we get something accomplished that is absolutely great. it is exceptional. i will not do any dancing today. i've done that before. i am not to going to dance today. we could not do it without all of you. we cannot do without the folks helping us. i want to mention one other group. we have a group from the arts folks, who are supplying the arts. we are going to try to convince them to come here and do art classes. we will simply get on our way. all things being equal, the mayor has a pretty tight schedule. we will try to get this ribbon cut.
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and then we will formally introduced all bart dignitaries. -- all of our dignitaries. you would like a couple of minutes. chairman brown? [applause] >> mr. mayor, to all the public officials who are here, public servants, residents of this fine facility, residents of the western addition, and this chilly, i said that i would prefer not to have remarks -- initially, i said i would prefer not to have remarks. the spirit told me i could not leave it here and not say something. for this occasion is being held
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under the banner of a woman whom i knew. and labored with. we are told and hebrew language that you do not name something because of the way the name sounds. every name carries meaning. based on the happening behind the name. to bear the name of rosa parks, it gives us the burden of making sure that this senior center, this place of residency, he speaks what rosa parks was
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about. -- bespeaks what rosa parks was about. she was secretary of the montgomery, alabama, naacp. she was a woman who was so tired that day that she refused to give up her seat to a man. he felt she did not deserve a seat and he should have it because he was white. because rosa parks did not give up proceed, -- give up her seat, we're able to give housing to people from all around the world. she was concerned about liberty and justice for all. and all should mean all.
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as chair of this commission, it is my abiding commitments, struggle, and intention that we will work in this city so that all people will receive equal opportunity to get a fair access to housing, live in a safe environments, and just the other night, a man was murdered right near this facility. just this month, there have been many murders rights in this area. no citizen should have to wake up to the sound of gunfire it anymore in this city. it will take all of us, but the
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police department, the mayor's office, the faith community, and what assistance so that we will be done with this senseless violence. i am sick and tired of going to funerals every week. and having to preside over young man. and young women. who are dead before the deadline, before the age of 25. as your chair person, as long as i am in this state, i remind us, we have to live out the meaning of the name of this center. rosa parks, my dear friend and mentor, was a woman concerned about all people and not just some people. [applause]
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>> thank you, chairman brown. i want to bring that the supervisor for the district and another person who has been alongside me and working with the housing authority in district 5. supervisor olague. [applause] >> i also wanted to acknowledge the tragedy that occurred here in front of the plaza east apartment just this past weekend. a gentleman who was very active in the community, people went to him when they needed their cars fixed and he was a well loved person in the community was murdered. i agree with the comments of reverend brown that we cannot tolerate this level of violence anymore. i hope the rosa parks center will be used as a place or we can see different dinner freshens -- where we see different generations meet.
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a lot of work has been put into the rehab of the center for a number of years. we appreciate the federal government provided the funds for this project. congratulations to the team and staff for getting this project through to completion. this project is a stimulus to the community because it is the beginning of several years of improvements along the buchanan mall. i encouraged the seniors that use the center to also participate in the planning process, to make sure it reflects the needs of the community. as rosa parks was someone that was known for her leadership role in civil rights, so should this center named in her honor be filled with seniors and those living with disabilities who are leaders in this community. we are working together with senior action network to have this side post a senior university session. but what to help activate the
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space and make sure it is full of resources, information, activities, and most of all, that is full of seniors who are enjoying this space. hopefully, it in the new -- in the near future, the site will be packed with educational resources, help services, -- health services. i look forward to visiting the center and talking with people about how we can make the center and the adjacent mall full of life and positive activity. i also want to encourage you to have partnerships with the other centers in the area so that you were able to support each other and participate in a variety of events. i also want to encourage interested people to attend the hearing that we will have on may 21 that we will hear reports from the department of aging and adult services on how the city
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is prepared to address the silver surge. this is a beautiful center and i hope it is a place for we can bring inter generational activities and a lot of positive energy to this community where we have been faced with a lot of tragedies and a lot of violence. this is the mark of a positive turn in the western addition. [applause] >> ok, everybody. this is the moment for we are going to cut the ribbon. >> 1 -- >> great.
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>> hi, everybody. >> this is the most contemporary art show in the history of the museum. let me give you some numbers. 31 artists across the 50 nations. 60 monumental works, the largest of which is behind me. this is a gift to all the people in our beloved city of san francisco. a gift to all the visitors near and far. let me give you our honorable mayor of san francisco. [applause] >> thank you for being here today.
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this month is a celebration of asian-american heritage. i wanted to thank our asian art museum, all of its staff, the director. the board of directors. not just parts in san francisco, but asian-american art throughout the world. this is another example of something that i told my friends, if you see some people walking around here, they might be looking for a red lotus. i do not think they knew what i was talking about. i want to welcome this wonderful piece of art. the artist is here today to join with us.
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it is a reflection of what our asian art museum is contributing to the dialogue around art itself. a year ago, we had the three heads and the 6 armi buddha that was another example of international art. this lotus suggest to you the feeling of international modern art. it is one thing the that that our asian art museum begins this month with their exhibition of -- what is the spots going on in the rest of the world?
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i know the asian art museum did a great job with the historic artifacts. but they wanted to be much more than that. they want to contribute to what is going on in the world today. what are the international artists thinking about? what message are they sending to the rest of the world? what is going on in their mind across the world that would perhaps contribute to our own thoughts and values? this is an example of what i think will be an exciting contribution for years to come. what else can we expect from the rest of the world's throughout our asian counterparts in the far east? i have been happy to help cris andhristen -- help christen this effort.
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activities that will happen in the month of may. the street heritage festival will happen right here on the street beginning this saturday, along with so many other activities. the rest of the asian communities in san francisco want to help signify and reflect. this is a wonderful city. part of its beauty is inheritance of being a gateway to all the different viewpoints that happened around the world. i want to thank all of our artists for helping share that with us. through their various art forms and participate through this movement of more voices, more viewpoints, more languages, more different cultures, contributing to the diverse views that we want to have in our city. that is how we established
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ourselves as an international gateway of the viewpoints of innovation around the world. when you see this, and i hope you come here at night because it is not just the beauty in the daytime, its contribution to what we want to see happen in the evenings as well as for all of our residents and neighbors. this is going to liven the discussion about the contributions of art to our daily lives. thank you for being here. thank you for helping us chr isten this beautiful piece of art.
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>> million can hear me. i want to welcome everyone to one of the newest parts of district 5, the famous county fair building. yay. [laughs] [applause] thank you all for coming in participating in this meeting today. i am excited to have all of you here today in my district to speak about issues that concern you. san francisco is a world-class city because we had citizens like yourselves who are vocal and willing to put in the work in the hours to make the community better. i want to thank you all for being here and giving us your input. i want to thank mayor lee and his staff for helping to put this together with dominica and chris of my staff did not like to introduce a district 1
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supervisor and a dear friend of mine. we share a lot of the same values. i am very happy to be sharing this form with him today. that is supervisor eric mar. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor olague. thank you, everyone, for being here. this used to be part of district 1. with the redistricting process, and there is a commissioner in the front row, but it is now district 5. we share the park. all of us are stewards of it. the general manager acknowledges this as well. carmen chu is here as well from the board of supervisors. [applause] also, many leaders from the richmond district that our office's work closely with over the years, you'll hear from them a little bit later we hope that the budget process will be one that is very sensitive and transparent, especially fair for our communities.
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district 1, the richmond district, and the other neighborhoods of district 1 feel strongly that seniors and the aging population of our district are critical, part of the critical safety net. we have a number of speakers that will be speaking later. nick and linda from the golden gate senior service center. seniors in our aging population is critical. also, for transportation and transit needs, we have a leader from the sierra club in the richmond district. sue is on our committee for a transit as well. i want to acknowledge that children and families are critical to the nature of the richmond district. i am happy to be working closely with the richmond district neighborhood center and the staff there. they will make remarks later. the community-based organizations, the schools, the parks, and the many neighborhood clubs and